Doubling Uniques in 6 Months Without SEO Tactics

by Donny on January 16, 2014

graphThe way to increase unique visitors and outsmart Google is to circumvent your desire to beat the search algorithms in favor of basic marketing 101 tactics.

Spread your visibility out over common industry accepted places your blog and your writing can be seen.

What I am recommending is nothing unheard of that you wouldn’t pick up in a freshmen marketing class in college.

The way a blog makes money is by the number of eyeballs that go to your site. If your writing in a particular niche you are simply trying to get more people interested in that topic visiting your site.

You want to start the process of doubling your visitors to your site by writing really good high quality content that people are going to like a lot.

You might want to stop here if you have no talent for writing because in this timeframe in search engine technology you need to have good solid desirable content on your page or you will never appear in the top of the results and you won’t be liked and shared among social media.

Without this initial good quality content you will be building on a shaky foundation that will all come crashing down. Make sure you build this foundation well otherwise your blogging endeavor will not meet the results you have been dreaming about.

Regardless of what Google and other search engines say about SEO manipulation tactics if your trying to get your writing featured on high quality websites because your content is really good and the article you wrote truly benefited the site it was published on you will be seen in a good light by Google or whoever checks your methods out for “black hat” problems.

A good marketing 101 tactic is to syndicate your material…this is done by radio hosts, popular newspaper columnists, etc….don’t think you can’t do this because of something Matt Cutts said.

In reality if you are a good writer an article of yours that is syndicated on a popular site will be seen for what it is…an article worthy of the publicity it is receiving.

As you may tell already, the ideas I am writing about are very subjective. Simply make an assessment on your own if your material is quality or not and spend time networking and getting published on sites that have built a quality brand of their own in it’s own right.

I would focus on getting published in magazines, online and offline, brand publications that people have heard about, and quality sites. Be sure you are not trying to employ some kind of search anchor text that links back to your site in a way meant to manipulate your rankings.

By using marketing 101 type methods and completely avoiding the SEO search engine optimization techniques used for years to gain top 3 search result rankings you will rise ahead of the spammers that technology has finally caught up to.

Is Pinterest Worth Using?

I absolutely recommend using Pinterest. Many blogs receive most of their traffic from Pinterest because of the way the site is setup to send referrals to other blogs and sites. Again I am not saying to use it because it will get you a higher search ranking but because it will literally drive the unique visitors to your site on its own without the need of a search engine like Google.

Be sure to integrate Pinterest “Pin It” buttons to your blog and actively get on the site to pin and engage with other Pinteresters.

If you make your site an easy Pinnable site you make it that much easier to succeed via Pinterest.

A big point to consider is that you are pinning not just your own stuff but other stuff as well. You want to appear to be a real person with diverse interests on Pinterest and not as some lame spammer otherwise you can forget about people wanting to follow you.

Engage with Others

Find opportunities to engage with others from your personal facebook page, brand page, Twitter, and other social media platforms so that you develop interested audience members. By engaging with people by commenting, creating small contests to win a DVD, etc… you will start showing up on their Facebook wall more often which allows them to see what you post and write about more often.

People enjoy following people who seem real and genuine and if they notice you are also the author of a well known blog that is just added incentive for them to go and like and follow you on that blog as well.

Online Networking

There are a huge amount of very famous influential people on Google Plus that are not consumed with people following them and yet they stay on there and post things. Use the limited popularity of Google Plus as an opportunity to engage with top professionals and influencers and work on ways to collaborate with them by offering to research something that would help them in their own endeavors in publishing on social media.

These big names have likely posted about what they are into so you can take that and create something they will love. Share what you have done with them and overtime you will win them over.

Once you have won them over try and convince then to share a blog post on their site or social media pages with their audience. Their big name associated with your small brand can have a big effect.

My Favorite Way to Assist Your Site

Move your site over to wordpress and get it hosted by so that it is scalable. As your site grows in popularity you will need a website host that can keep up with the amount of people visiting your site. Wpengine is setup to grow with your site to any level of popularity you may experience.

The added benefit of WordPress is that it is an open source software that has thousands of plugins to make your site do about anything you could imagine wanting to do with your site and there is no need to be a programmer to get a plugin working immediately.

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