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by Donny on October 24, 2013

strategyHere is the real deal…SEO strategists for the most part pretend to know exactly what you need to do and places like SEOMOZ that are large well respected brands pretend to offer you some new spectacular strategy but over and over they have to reformulate their advice because Google frowns upon it.

What you will discover is that the large SEO consulting companies like SEOMOZ have reduced their strategy down to simply doing marketing 101 stuff you would learn in basic marketing classes in college.

In reality offline and standard marketing practices that carry over to social media is what the larger search engines now use to rank your website.

If you are doing marketing correctly you will rank quite well in the search engines naturally.

This rule is however not always the case.

Their are what are called blackhat SEO strategies which are now any form of premeditated SEO strategy at all. In fact SEOMOZ changed their name to just MOZ simply because the SEO portion of the name is now known by most of the internet marketing world to all be blackhat as far as Google is concerned.

If you have SEO in your domain name you can assume Google likely believes your up to no good.

So do premeditated SEO strategies still work and have they worked recently?

Yes, all kinds of blackhat SEO techniques still work even to this day. That being said the search engines like Google are relying more heavily on social media signals even though they deny this to be the case in many ways.

When reading between the lines which you have to do when listening to Google you will see that they are using social signals to determine some rankings.

They also use a large workforce of manual website reviewers to find spammy sites.

Once they are on to you they don’t just take down one site they look for multiple sites you own.

Again, they won’t tell you they do much of any of this but they do.

It’s not that I am paranoid I just have seen what Google does.

They are not going to give away everything they do because much of what makes them a great search engine is because they keep their competitive advantage secret.

In summary, you should constantly work on improving fundamental marketing strategy as best as you can based on your budget.

Have some disconnected sites that you play around with that employ premeditated SEO strategy that some might call blackhat.

Have several things going on to stay ahead of the curve and which allows you to learn new things in the arena of online marketing and SEO.

The more you work to manipulate where you come up in Google’s search engine the greater likelyhood that Google will find you out and your results will forever stay on page 7 or lower in Google’s search results.

Be aware of the risks associated with SEO, move full speed ahead with multiple things going at the same time that are disconnected enough to not all trace back to you and you will continue to have fun, success, and will not be the paranoid SEO guy always looking behind your back and around every corner.


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