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by Donny on April 13, 2011

keyword typo tool seoAfter finding a topic to use as the topic and theme of your website you will want to find highly targeted keywords that currently receive a high volume of monthly searches on Google.

You can get this information using the Google Keyword tool. You can find this tool by typing “Google Keyword tool” in Google.

The first link that comes up will be the tool we need to use. Now within here simply type the topic you will be using to try and make money on the Internet.

For instance, if you want to find keywords being searched for regarding “web hosting” you need to type that in the keyword tool.

Now lots of keywords will appear but you only want to pick the keywords that are relevant to your audience. So if you are selling web hosting you want to pick searches that do not contain the word free.

You are not selling free web hosting so you want to eliminate these searches. You also want to avoid keywords that are searching for more advanced hosting options that you are not selling such as dedicated servers.

Since you are just getting started selling web hosting you may not have dedicated hosting as an option or if you do you likely do not have a good splash page setup to sell it.

Once you have collected several keywords with a high volume of searches each month you will want to use a keyword spelling typo tool.

The typo tool will find the most common misspellings people make when searching these keywords. Just go to Google and type “Keyword typo tool” to find some available tools you can use for free.

Now that you have your list of highly targeted keywords for your subject and audience you will want to use these keywords in a Google Adwords campaign, Bing or Yahoo AdCenter campaign.

Using these ad networks you pay per click everytime someone clicks on an ad and goes to your site. You want to make sure you have a very good page setup to sell whatever affiliate product you are selling.

You don’t want to pay for ads if people go to your page and leave because they find the look of your website undesirable and without the ability to give them the feeling of trust.

You can also use the correct spellings in your keyword list as title topics for your website.

I recommend writing an article on your website for each correctly spelled keyword. This is called on page SEO and can assist in getting you organic traffic that you do not have to pay for.


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