What to do With Panda and Penguin?

by Donny on August 9, 2012

Panda and Penguin updates to Google’s search algorithm has messed over many peoples Google rankings and I am fine with this.

I have had many of my own websites experience a decline and have had some of my websites go up in rankings as well.

What do you do when such a severe hit in your rankings occurs when an algorithm update finally takes down one of your sites?

You simply learn from the damage and adjust. It doesn’t hurt to do some experiments with what has just occurred to see how it might be possible to improve that negatively hit site to get back up in rankings.

In regards to experimenting and getting positive results with a site that was hit by a Panda or Penguin update I give you my suggestions below:

  1. You may have hundreds if not thousands of bad links from other websites linking to the front page of your website. Why not change the front page from the normal www.example.com to http://example.com ? You will break your old links that were linking to the www version and will be able to start over with your link building without those old links hurting your site anymore. Google is now sending out alerts that actually say that your site has been hurt by external linking schemes so yes this suggestion can indeed help your site.
  2. If none or some of your pages on your site have had dramatic drops in rankings try changing their permalink to something different. This will break the links coming into that page and you can start over with link building to that specific page. The idea is to promote white hat good links to these pages going forward so as not to get hit by Google again.
  3. If you have been linking out to other websites from your articles that you own or maybe don’t own Google likely has decided you are selling text based links to other websites and has decided to demote and down rank your page because of it. Simply remove the links or nofollow the links to assist in getting your rankings back up for this page.
  4. Never use the same anchor text twice when people link to your main site or internal page. This can really help your linking strategy.
  5. It is not at all uncommon to rank well in Google for your niche with less than 30 links coming to your site from external sites you do not own.
  6. Try promoting your site using social media such as on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and even pay for a little PPC campains run on Google Adwords. These signals however small assist in showing Google you are a real brand and not a spam site.
  7. Do not build links using comment spam or forum profile link spam.

These are 7 great ways to help boost your website that was hit by Panda or Penguin and for those who have had their website banned completely you may have no other choice but to ask several thousand websites to delete the links pointing to your main domain but a better idea may be to just start over again from scratch.


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