The Power of Interviewing

by Nathan on June 18, 2012

One great way to drive traffic to your website is simply to interview people who know something about the topic. Perhaps you’re interviewing a name people know and recognize, it helps your credibility knowing that person is taking time to talk to you.

For example, if you have a sports website, try to get professional athletes, writers and coaches to interview with you. Find their email addresses, Twitter and Facebook accounts and send them a message asking them if they have a few minutes. What’s something negative that could possibly happen from this? The worst thing is they say no and laugh at you. If they agree to do the interview, it could mean big things for you.

You don’t have to start off so big if you don’t want. Again, let’s stick with the sports site as an example. Why not interview local athletes, coaches and writers at the high school and college levels. If you build the contacts early and some of those you’ve interviewed make it big later, you can keep those contacts for when they’re bigger.

You want a non-sports example? Let’s say your website is about politics. Perhaps you can interview a local senator, congressman, city councilman or mayor. If you talk to these people about the local hot topics, you can stir the pot and get people to your site.

The same concept applies here. Let’s say you interview a local senator, perhaps he’s planning on running as a state representative and if so, once you’ve got that contact, keep it.

After all, it’s not about what you know, but who you know, and interviewing helps build contacts, relationships and credibility. Why would you not give it a shot?

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Adi July 6, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Great idea! I have a local chiropractic directory and I’m planning on interviewing a few local chiropractors to get their attention, get free content and let other people know about the site.


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