How to write articles on multiple sites and link correctly

by Donny on April 12, 2011

In last week’s article I wrote about the importance of setting up other sites and blogs and linking them to your main site. This is extremely huge and will bring you traffic.

I’ve also briefly mentioned using other sites already in existence such as or

If you do this right, it will be a major benefit.

Make sure your articles are high quality, top of the line. It can’t be some random rambling that has nothing to do with anything. Make sure it’s an intriguing topic. Make sure it’s well edited. If you need two, re-edit it three or four times.

Often times this gets extremely difficult because the topic of your main site might not be that particularly interesting and writing relating and captivating piece can be much easier said than done.

Let’s say for a minute your main site is about selling tires. It’s extremely necessary for business purposes to keep up with it, and tires are something that won’t go away anytime soon but if someone doesn’t need tires, why would he come to your site.

That’s where this whole concept comes in handy.

Perhaps on the article submission site you can write about a family road trip you took. Even if nothing negative happened, you can talk about how those tires last real long.

Or perhaps you can talk about NASCAR and find out who drives what brand of tires, and when doing that, drop a key word into the article that brings the readers to your site.

Don’t necessarily just link to the homepage of your website though. Instead, link the article on the submission site to content you’re most proud of; something that has a lot of potential to make you money.

For an example of this, let’s say you’re focusing on selling snow tires in Detroit. Now you can go to that article submission site, write an article on the current state of Detroit, or perhaps fun things to do in Detroit or the fact it’s known as the “Motor City,” then link it to your article about how to get high-quality tires in Detroit.

It can’t hurt to link to that main article on your site from multiple article sites. Write a quality article on, another quality article on and a third quality article on and link all three of them to that targeted piece on your site.

It’s a lot of work to write the exact article in three different ways, but it’s worth it to bring in the traffic. Take complete advantage of these article submission sites.


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