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by Donny on March 14, 2011

Facebook is contantly changing the way they have you do things like creating a Facebook page to how you program and design it but right now it is fairly simple to set one up.

Facebook has made the beginning page to creating your facebook page so easy to follow a monkey could do it.

However it can be confusing for a business to know exactly what page is best to setup for their company brand.

If you are trying to make an online presence I recommend choosing a Cause or Community as this offers you a lot of flexibility.

To begin you need to get to this page I am talking about so go to and search for “create a facebook page”

Creating a Facebook Page

Now after you do the search click on the first organic search in Google. This is Facebooks official create a Facebook page and will look something like the below.

Business Facebook Page Creation

Now that you are at the place on Facebook where you can choose the type of page you want we recommend going with the Cause or Community because you will have more flexibility with this one for an online business.

Also consider people like to join and like causes they like and care about and not so much business brands they have never heard of.

How to create a Facebook business page cause or community

Once you have clicked on the Cause or Commuity page you will see the button change and look like the below. You will want to pick a descriptive page name such as your business name or a sneaky title to get people to like or join the page.

So if you are selling flowers online you could call your page: “Give flowers to a random person today” or some other tricky little Facebook title that has a massive social appeal with the potential to be liked and spread like wild fire.
Facebook Cause or Community Page

To create this page you must be logged into Facebook with your own personal Facebook profile or it will ask you to create one. Never create a business as a personal profile but don’t be confused as you must have a personal profile on Facebook to create a business page.

Most of us already have a Facebook personal profile and will likely already be logged into it so creating the Facebook business page should be a piece of cake.

Once created and in Facebook will ask for some general information about your “Cause” or “Community” and you can fill in whatever you like. It will also have a place to put your website so be sure to fill that part in.

After your Facebook page is created go to the Facebook search bar and search for “Networked Blogs”

Add the “Networked Blogs” app to your business page you just created. Now you can use this app to configure your website blog to auto syndicate to your Facebook page each time you write a new post.

Networked Blogs also has a feature to auto publish to your twitter account any new posts published from your blog. Be sure to choose to auto syndicate to your twitter account as well.


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