Who is Worthy of Your Link?

by Donny on May 18, 2012

Remember back when Dana Carvey was in that Waynes World skit with Mike Myers on SNL? They often used the phrase, “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” when referring to a metal band or any metal band member.

When you have a blog or website a part of any good marketing strategy is to occasionally link out to other good resources. You have the option of linking out to a large brand like Pinterest or you could find a smaller niche site that offers a cool picture as well and just link to that sites page.

Which one should you do?

I recommend finding great resources on places like Pinterest but then follow the link on the picture to the originating site.

Try and find sites that are smaller in nature than large brands like The Gap, Kraft Foods, etc.

When you link to the smaller less known companies, blogs, and websites they will take notice.

You see small sites rarely get links back to their website. When they do they likely take notice when they see the statistics on their stat program for their website.

The smaller site is much more likely to reciprocate in some positive way simply because where a big brand will likely not notice or even care a smaller brand will likely be very appreciative.



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