Small Site Linking to Bigger Site Works Quite Well

by Donny on April 4, 2011

Link StrategyIn my last article, I mentioned different techniques for bringing in traffic to your website. One of the things I mentioned was setting up a blog or a smaller site to bring more traffic to the main site.

That’s really quite huge.

If you go to or, you can set up a blog and in the content, use keywords to link over to your main site.

For example, I have my own sports site,

I also have the site, which I use to link over to the other site. I usually write a full article on the main site and on the blogger site, I post the first paragraph or two and have a link to read the rest of post on the main site.

It’s also not a bad idea to have two or three blogs like this to link to the big site. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. In other words, have outgoing links to other sites because you don’t want Google to think you’re spamming to one location.

Also be careful as to how much duplicate content you put on your sites. Having a couple paragraphs then a link to the rest will be fine.

It’s OK to link from a blog to the main site even if it’s not necessarily about sports.

Another example: let’s say you have a blog about the city of Dallas, and you have a story about a Dallas athlete on the sports site. You can link the keyword “Dallas” to the main site without looking like spam.

Keep in mind you want as much original content, especially on the main site so if you write a really good article, post it on the main one and rewrite it using different words on a blog and link it back to the big site.

It’s kind of like a triangle. You have the main site on top and then two or three other sites at the bottom, all linking to the main one. Remember though, don’t ever link the smaller sites or blogs to each other, and don’t link from the main site to one of the smaller ones.

This will look too much like a “link exchange,” which is something Google highly frowns upon.

It can never hurt to link to an article website like or and link it to your biggest site.

Obviously the more sites linking to yours, the better, and it’s an easy way to get more traffic.



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