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by Donny on April 10, 2012

Can you be successful in selling online products without considering proven copy-writing techniques as you write your articles, website pages, and video scripts? Yes, you actually can make money and good money without considering these things. The problem is that a good copywriter will make quite a bit more money than you doing the same thing you do only better.

Conversion rates can increase dramatically by considering how you write your content and a quick and easy content copy-writing course is all you really need to get started. If you have not considered the science of the written word when selling things online it is about time you started on this.

To get you going let me give you some very quick and easy things to incorporate into your daily blog posts, webpage creation you are likely doing already. You can worry about learning more later but these steps you can use right now without spending an entire day learning all this stuff.

Step 1… have an interesting story. Now you need to interweave the product you are selling throughout that story. Cut out as much as you can from the story that gets too far off on a rabbit trail. Be sure to write your story as if it is about them and not you, they don’t care about you they care about themselves. You can eventually explain the story by talking about you a little but start it off talking about THEM (that’s attention grabbing!)

Beyond these first steps remember this little AIDA formula.

A:  Attention. Grab their attention.

I: Interest. Interest them with interesting facts.

D: Desire. Make them desire the thing.

A: Action. Make them take action.

The more specific you can be about directing them through each step in this formula the better it will be. This little formula is enough for now. If you haven’t even considered doing copywriting the right way this formula will take you leaps and bounds from where you are now.

You need to take a small step like incorporating the formula above into your writing style before you go any further. Let’s not confuse you with tons more info if all you need is that small step to push you towards the real power of marketing online.

Believe me guys the power of separating potential customers from their money and their wallet and gladly giving it to you is mainly found in this formula I am sharing with you today. Get started!


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