Picking Good Keywords for SEO Links on a Website

by Luke Johnson on April 4, 2011

Keywords SEO websiteHow to pick keywords for links

Google looks at the keywords the links have in them to determine what your site is about. Consider the following when deciding what keywords you should link your site to.

  • Ÿ  Is the keyword related to your site?
  • Ÿ  Can ranking for the keyword increase converting traffic?
  • Ÿ  What is the competition for the keywords?
  • Ÿ  What page should the keywords be linked to?

There are many other questions that you should consider before choosing your keywords for links. These are just a few basic ones that can help you get started.

Keywords that are related to your website are essential in getting quality traffic. If your website sells computers and your linking with the keywords “paper supply” your not getting your niches’ traffic.

Will it help to link with irrelevant keywords to your site?

Irrelevant words will not hurt your site. Google may question why you’re trying to rank for those keywords and you’ll never know when Google will change its algorithm to penalizing these kinds of links.

When you choose a keyword make sure it will get your site traffic. There are many studies about what people search for on the web. One study said most people search with no more than three words. If your trying to rank for a keyword more than three words long you want to make sure it is getting a lot of traffic.

Competition is one of the best ways to see what you should be trying to rank for. If you’re starting a new website spend some time looking at your competitors. If three of your competitors are ranking for a keyword, chances are you should be ranking for the same keyword. If you’re the “big fish in the sea” you may have to do more research to find keywords getting lots of traffic.

What if you can’t rank for a competitive keyword?

There are thousands of keywords you can rank for. Pick a keyword with less competition. Keep the more competitive keyword in the back of your mind but don’t waste time. Go after something easier you’re not currently ranking for.

Choose the right page

Look around your website for pages/posts that might be ranking for the targeted phrase. If you don’t have content with the targeted keyword, write an article tailored for it, then link to it. Read about how to write SEO copy in the last article.

Links are 42% of Google’s algorithm. You will need to spend some time picking the right keywords. It can be the difference between 15,000 visitors and 500.

Getting links can be harder than choosing the right keywords.

Learn how to get high-quality back links in the next article.

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