Put a Face to it

by Nathan on March 26, 2012

When reading an article online, does it give more credibility to see a picture of someone’s face? The reason I ask is because in my mind, it doesn’t add anything. Thankfully though, my mind is not like that of most people. So for some, it does add credibility to see a picture of the author.

The reason it doesn’t add credibility in my mind is because of how easy it is to post a picture of someone else and claim it as another person. Whether or not I know what the author looks like, it doesn’t help me to see a picture of his/her face because the writing is either well done or it’s not. That’s where he/she builds credibility in my mind. I like an article for good writing, not for what the person may look like.

Perhaps it depends on what kind of website the article is on that you’re reading. If it’s a newspaper website, it might help to have a picture simply to be able to be recognized by people in the community.

I’ve covered several sporting events for local newspapers and it makes it easier when people recognize me as the sportswriter to make my job easier. It helps to get me in to stadiums and press boxes if they know who I am.

Also I can see if it were a local business website. That way, if customers come in and they want to talk to the writer of a particular article they can find him.

It might sound to you like I’ve changed my stance but that’s not so much the case. If it’s for the sake of community, I can see the value in putting a face behind the writings. It helps to establish oneself in the community, but I find it with little or no value in most other cases. I don’t need to see the author’s face of an article written by someone on the other side of the country.

You might have a total different stance than me on this one. Perhaps you don’t like reading articles without being able to see a face to it. If that’s the case, let me know why that is? How does this add credibility? I’m trying to see things from different perspectives. I would love to know if I’m completely missing a valuable perspective.

Having said all that, do whatever you see as having the most value. If you see value in having a picture of the author, do it. In fact, I might do more of that just because, like I said, I don’t have the same perspective as others and there might be legit value in that.

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