Newbie Gives His Actionable Steps He Takes to Make Money Online

by Donny on March 29, 2011

Beginner SEO tutorialI’m not an expert on the internet by any means. In fact, I’m a rookie when it comes to marketing and building traffic, but in my short time at it so far, I think I’ve picked up a good strategy or two that seems to work.

First thing you may want to do is go narrow.

Narrow your topics and key words as much as possible. If you’re trying to sell bottled water, release content that is narrowed down for a particular group and write keywords for that particular location.

For example, you want to sell the water to Philadelphia. Using simple keywords like “bottled water in Philadelphia” or Philadelphia water” or something along these lines just might be the way to go.

This way when residents of Philadelphia, its suburbs and other surrounding areas search for this, your content will come up on top if you write enough solid content about and just attack it hard.

Let’s just stick with Philadelphia for now.

Now go after surrounding areas. Pick suburbs to write about.

If you write about places like West Chester, you can easily link to Philadelphia by mentioning the distance between the two towns.
Obviously the more links the better and it doesn’t hurt to link to another page within your own website. Originally, I thought Google might frown on that, but quite the contrary.

Again the more content and links you have the better, which is why it’s a good idea to submit articles to sites like where you can write about any topic as long you find a creative way to segue into the topic about your product and link it to your site.

Because the more content you can get on other sites the better, it’s also not a bad idea to start a blog, perhaps through blogger or another wordpress and link articles you write there to articles you write on your main site. However, do not link from your main site to your blog.

Make sure it’s a one-way street.

You can write about multiple big cities. While you’re going hard after Philadelphia, you can do the same thing for Houston or Chicago and their suburbs and before you know it, you’re ranked No.1 in Google for “bottle water in Houston,” or “Chicago water.”

Remember you’re not writing just for the consumers, you’re also writing for Google.

If Google thinks your articles are full of spam, it can ban you or punish you in other ways.

As a former newspaper writer, I quickly realized major differences between writing for the paper and writing for the internet. Keywords are huge, and it’s best to strategically place them throughout the article. That is something you don’t have to worry about when writing for the paper, nor do you have to worry about linking when writing for the paper.

At any rate, when trying to drive traffic to a particular site, make sure you release plenty of content, link to that content and keep it narrow.


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