What are some first steps to do if Google Bans Your Website For Door Way Pages?

by Donny on March 13, 2012

Has your site been de-indexed by google? We have had several of our sites get de-indexed. Although the Google message claimed we had doorway pages they really have a much bigger problem with inbound links we do not own or control linking back to our site.

We have never participated in linking schemes such as reciprocal linking or linking to our page from other pages we own to create a link juice effect.

So even though we received a doorway page notice and after rebranding each site to look much different and have a singular and different approach on each site this ended up not being enough.

It ultimately came down to that Google was unhappy that we had so many inbound links coming to our site causing it to rank for those keywords.

What they want to see from here is that you go into Google Webmaster tools, download the list of inbound links they show for your site and get as many of those directory and suspicious looking article links stuffed with keywords removed as possible.

This will take a lot of emailing directory and article site owners and asking them to go in and remove the links for you. This will take a ton of time and I recommend screenshots of your efforts.

Once you have done all you could feasibly do let Google know and show them your recorded evidence (screenshots) of emails to and from these sites.

Do not admit that you are responsible for whatever offense they claim if you did not instigate the action but show that you made every reasonable effort to comply with their requirements.

This is your best chance of getting back in the index. If your site looks very similar to other sites you own be sure to majorly adjust the design and purpose of the site to stand a part as a separate niche site that sells or does something a little different enough to differentiate it from the other sites you own.

I hope this helps.


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