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by Luke Johnson on March 28, 2011

SEO Article Writer TipsSEO article writing is the cornerstone to getting quality-converting traffic. Writing quality content for your websites helps you rank higher in Google and converts customers at the same time.

An article with great content and a savvy sales pitch is not the only thing you have to worry about when writing SEO copy. The keywords you target are just as important as the article you write. Traffic is the goal of every article you write. You want traffic from targeted keywords. So how do you choose what keywords to target?

Tips on Keywords

  1. Identify low hanging keywords (fruit). If you go after the most competitive keywords, first you will have to do a lot of work to get ranked in the top three of Google.
  2. Choose short keyword phrases. I read about a study that said most keyword searches are three words long. If you go after a longer keyword phrases be sure they are the best.
  3. Compare data from existing keywords. Sometimes there will be a keyword you have not optimized for with an article but you are still getting searches. You can write an article targeting those keywords. You also may see a pattern in the searches like “(product name) Chicago” gets you 100 visits a day so write an article targeting “(product name) Dallas” or “Philadelphia.”

Once you have picked out your keywords, write an article with them in the title. Google looks at the placement of keywords. You are more likely to get ranked higher in Google if you put your targeted keywords as the title of your article.

Targeted keywords should be included in the body of your article but within reason. Don’t put the keyword less than four times but no more than 20% of the total words in the article. If Google sees your keyword in every sentence it will see it as “keyword stuffing.” You don’t want Google to get mad at you. The title and body are not the only places you should put your keywords.

Include keywords in the title of images. This also helps you rank for images with that keyword. Sometimes people will look for images of products to find a site to buy from. If you are not putting images on your site, you should.

How do you write a quality article when the keywords are improper English? Use the keywords in a sentence with proper English. Google can still see the keyword and the viewers of the article will see you as someone who cares about your content. The article may not be SEOed to the max but you keep your site looking professional.

A trick for improper English keywords

You can put keywords with improper English as a title of an image.

So why did I not practices what I preached in this article?

I’m writing this article for you. This content is free. I’m not selling anything. I’m giving you this content to help you write great SEO copy. Does it help me in any way? Yes it helps because you can leave comments to tell me what your SEO article writing tips are.

Learn how to pick keyword to get quiltiy-converting traffic Luke’s next article.

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