Doorway Pages: A Success Story

by Luke Johnson on October 5, 2011

When I heard from a friend of mine (a colleague) that one of his websites got hit with a “Doorway Page” penalty by Google I was shocked. I knew the site really well and could not see how Google could see it as having “Doorway Pages.”

I wanted to help him so I did some research into “Doorway Pages.” I looked at several webmaster forum threads but could not find a success story. I lost hope that my friend could even get his site re-indexed in the search engine.

I asked him if it would be OK to use his Webmaster Account to post questions on the forum.

I started by outlining a couple of changes I made to his site. I got a couple of comments saying there was nothing wrong with the site. I would check the Webmaster Tools once a day to see if Google had accepted the site back into the engine.

I got rejected twice.

Finally one of the Bionic Posters came on. He had a couple of good suggestions but still Google did nothing. I was about to give up hope when Webmaster 11 suggested I change the theme of the website.


I can’t tell you exactly what it was that fixed the site because when I changed the theme it also changed the widgets. The other theme had some CSS that made some content look different than what the search engines saw which has more to do with breaking some quality guidelines rather than being a doorway page problem.

Since the “Revoked” spam action the site has bumped back up to its normal rankings for all keywords.

I mainly want everyone to know it is not impossible to get back into Google when hit with a “manual” Doorway Page penalty.

If you have a success story about “Doorway Pages” please leave a comment below. Also hit the Google +1 if you like this post.



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