+ 1 now comes as a part of the Google Chrome browser

by Donny on August 31, 2011

Imagine if Facebook had a web browser and you could like pages you were on from the browser (they actually do have a “like” firefox extension you can install. This + 1 button now on Chrome is basically that but for Google and comes preinstalled. It now makes even more sense for Facebook to get into the browser and search business.

Google has a potential lethal tool to buzz out what people like compared to Facebook. In a way Google always finds a back door to compete against others.

The scary aspect to this is that Google’s privacy policy says that by simply installing this + 1 extension on Chrome you will be sending every search phrase and url to Google for their data needs. Google will be using this data to determine what they think should show up in the Google search results.

So how does this scary fact help online business websites. The benefit is in how new this is. Think of Facebook likes and Google + 1’s as if they are good ole school back links. One like, one tweet, a + 1 will effectively act as links, link love, and link juice. These clicks by users on your site make it much easier to create “links” to your website. Old school link creation on someone else’s site takes a lot of time and was the only way search engines determined votes people had given.for a site. The one click “likes” and “+1’s” are the new backlinks and I recommend getting on board with this now before everyone does.

Create really good content with articles, videos, and infographics. Publish your awesome content in online social communities related to your niche you are established in. Watch the love pour in and watch your rankings increase in the search engines.


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