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by Nathan on August 8, 2011

It’s so easy to waste several hours on end on YouTube, watching video after video and before you know it, three or four hours have passed.

There are several reasons to go on YouTube, whether it’s for a laugh, to listen to music while doing other things, to keep up with friends, to see an instructional video on how to do something or whatever the case may be, the possibilities are endless.

YouTube is handy for so many reasons, not only to watch and make videos, but as a social network. Set up an account, pick some of your favorite videos then send a friend request to the users of those videos. The more videos you have on your account, the more likely you are to get accepted by other YouTube users, and the more likely you are to get more traffic to your site.

Once you make a video, a good idea is to post it as a video response to similar videos that have gotten a lot of hits.

Since I’ve used the example of owning a car dealership over and over, let’s stick with that. Let’s say there’s a particular car or truck you have on the lot that you think would be a great buy. A YouTube video can show things that just pictures can’t. Get in the car and record yourself taking it for a test drive.

Show all the features in video and by having your face and voice in it, you’re adding credibility to your business and its website.

You can utilize YouTube to make entertaining and informative commercials and promote your company as well as sales and events. If your business has a decent sized staff, make YouTube videos to help the viewers get to know the staff members. Let your staff members show their personalities in the videos build their credibility the site’s traffic.

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