How to market your MLM business on auto pilot

by Donny on March 28, 2011

MLM internet marketing strategyI am not a big MLM guy but I do participate in a couple because they have a good affiliate structure for personal customers you sign up.

This being said, MLM still offers some pretty cool ways to make money especially if you use the internet.

I can get guaranteed new MLM associates in my business whenever I want. I even have new people who call me on a monthly basis to join an opportunity I no longer even participate in. Could I make money by following up on these leads? Most definitely! I don’t follow up because I have too much else going on.

So here I am telling you I am basically letting money go down the drain while not telling my secret. Don’t worry, I am not going to hide from you how I get these leads and below I spell it all out in quick easy steps.

It is very simple. It requires a little bit of good sales copy by writing about the opportunity with 3 call to actions in the article to click to join or call a number. The sales copy can be written simply by writing in your own words what your MLM company distributes in their literature, video presentation or website.

The point here is this is simple, the MLM company has the marketing material already written. You just need to repackage and distribute it.

To get started you need 3 websites to publish unique sales copy about your opportunity, product, or service. Here are 3 free website services. Create an account on each of them with a unique name that describes what your selling:


Now that you have these free website accounts start publishing articles on them. Each article must be unique and not a copy paste from another site.

Be sure to have 3 call to actions in every article.

Skip to the good stuff – this is the site to the guy who trained me

Now go out to google and search for: “how to create a business Facebook page“.

How to create Facebook page for business

Click on the how to link written by Facebook and create a Facebook page for each of your 3 sites. While in facebook search for the Facebook app, Networked Blogs.

Go ahead and setup Networked blogs to syndicate your blog posts on your website to your Facebook page. This application automates this process.

While your at it you can also use the app to auto syndicate to Twitter. Go ahead and create 3 twitter accounts at Now setup Networked blogs to syndicate to the corresponding twitter account. So that’s 3 separate Facebook pages and 3 separate Twitter accounts for your 3 websites.

Now create a Youtube video about the opportunity. Put a link back in the description to your best site of the 3.

Embed your Youtube video on all 3 sites in a post. Also link back to the video url using a text link with descriptive words about the MLM business. It is good to name the video so that the brand name is in the video. The text link linking to your video on your site should also contain the MLM opportunity brand name.

By embedding and linking to your Youtube video you are optimizing the video to appear in Google search results for the chosen keywords of your video that appear in the title and text link.

Now go out to and and write some super high quality articles that may have some kind of vertical or horizontal relationship to your opportunity. For instance, if your MLM business sells wireless cell phone service, voice over ip, etc. you could write an article about how to shop for essential utility services like local phone and cell phone service. Make sure the articles are not self promotional and offer a lot of value for those reading it. These sites will let you link back to a website at the end of the article. Simply link back to one of your 3 websites using keywords you want to rank for in Google. So for cell service MLM maybe link back with text link: “Cell phone MLM” or something similar preferably with the opportunity brand name.

Do these articles for each of your 3 websites. Now you have back links for all 3 sites.

Now when writing articles make sure you use 2 of your 3 sites to always link back to your best site on every article. You can link back to the front page or new internal articles written on your best site. Always try to link back using competitive search terms to assist you ranking your “best site” in Google for that term.

Back linking strategyWhen using your 2 sites to link back to your “best site” take time to link to a couple other sites you don’t own but are similar to yours. These sites do not have to be your direct competitors but need to offer additional value to your article content that may be partially similar.

Warning! When using this 3 blog network strategy do not use your “best site” to link back to your 2 sites you use to link to the best site.

You want one way links going to your best site from these 2 other sites but you never want a link wheel, reciprocal linking and the like.

This sums up a quick and easy tutorial on doing what I do to make the big bucks on the internet in an MLM affiliate business or just straight up affiliate opportunity. Be sure to link to other sites to complete the overall feel of your websites being a part of the overall structure of the spider web known as the world wide web. If you don’t show link love search engines may not either, got it!? Good! :)

Boat Loads Of Traffic

A Warning Regarding Using a 3 Blog Network

It is important that each site sells a distinct and separate product compared to the other sites. All 3 sites need to have distinct templates and designs so they all don’t look exactly the same. Google may see your 3 sites as essentially the same site selling the same product and will hit you with a doorway page penalty that is almost impossible to recover from without rewriting every single article from scratch and selling and talking about a completely different topic. Listen to Matt Cutts attempt to explain this hard to explain issue of Doorway Pages.


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