Video Bait

by Nathan on July 5, 2011

There’s always something new to learn about the internet, partly because there’s always something to learn about people.

One thing I recently learned is that people really do like watching videos on the internet, even if the content isn’t that great because it’s video bait.

I really enjoy watching videos but I do it for entertainment purposes, whether it’s for a laugh or to hear music. I don’t really care to watch a video of someone reading instructions when I could just read those instructions myself and get quickly get the information I need instead of waiting for someone else to get there.

Recently, a colleague of mine made a video in which he talked about the history of a company. He stuck that video in the middle of an article in which he wrote about the exact same things discussed in the video.

My first thought was “why would anyone want to watch the video when the article is right there?” Then the realization kicked in that the audience can choose to watch the video or read the article.

Still, it seemed like a no-brainer to me, read the article. This way you can scan through it and get the most important information instead of having to wait for it, plus our brains are more likely to catch it if we read it rather than just hear it.

Well, at least my brain is, but thankfully, not everybody’s brain is like mine, which is probably why I don’t understand why people would prefer a video in cases like these. However, some people do, and that’s why videos are a sure way to increase traffic.It’s easy to slap something together using YouTube, embed it on your site, and even if people just watch a couple seconds of it, that’s another view for you.

A key to getting people to watch these videos is to have something interesting in the thumbnail. Make the audience curious.


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