I Hate Personal Web Search and Justin Bieber

by Luke Johnson on June 27, 2011

Justin BieberYes I do hate personal web search but not Justin Bieber. When I first started in the SEO world I had no clue what in the world personal web search was. Since then I have learned to hate it.

I remember the first time I searched for the keywords I was trying to rank for and saw my site at the top. Little did I know that my web search history was still on. I went to show my boss that I was doing a great job getting my keywords to the top of Google. I showed him the page and where I ranked then he nonchalantly said “did you clear your search history?” I did not answer because I had no clue what he was saying. He went to the search URL and added “&pws=0” and clicked enter. My site disappeared from the page.

Years later I can laugh at myself for being so stupid but the truth is I still don’t know everything about “Personal Web Search.” I have one question I have posed to several people and have gotten unsatisfying answers.

“Should I write or include popular search keywords even if they are unrelated to my topic?”

I use the Justin Bieber example all the time. So if I’m writing about something unrelated to him like car insurance, I should include him in the title of my article to get the benefit of everyone searching for Justin Bieber.

This is my opinion, use what every keyword you want as long as it fits in the article or page. It will not hurt you to have a keyword that is unrelated in your article. I’m not saying go out and write 100 articles about car insurance and include Justin in them but if he gets in a car wreck, write about what kind of car insurance you think he has.

How much will you benefit from it?

That is something we need to ask Google. I will say Google is always changing it algorithm to stop “evil” from happening. If Google thinks using Justin’s name is “evil” then it will write a new algorithm to fix it.

The best practice is always write relevant content for your niche. Make the content for the reader and not the search engine. If you do this it will help you stay out of trouble with Google.

If you know or have good insight into Google’s personal web search please leave a comment. We are all trying to learn and would benefit from both answers and questions about the topic.

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Luke has been writing about SEO since early 2010. He lives in Tyler, Texas. Luke is studying marketing at University of Texas at Tyler. His education also includes two years at Tyler Junior College. Connect with Luke on Google+.

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Real SEO June 27, 2011 at 3:28 pm

I also dislike justin beiber. We have something in common other than SEO ! YAY!


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