Case Study on my local mobile marketing pitch

by Donny on May 26, 2011

Mobile Marketing PitchI sign up for every SMS list in my town which you should all do. You get some really cool ideas by doing this.

I put up a banner ad on my side panel of wordpress that simply says to text my city name to 90210.

I am getting insane local mobile sign ups. I am building a huge responsive list of people joining my list for local mobile coupons.

Well yesterday I get a call from a new fitness club opening in town that is in a completely new 50,000 square foot renovated building.

The building project is worth millions and I am just this young guy with a fast growing local mobile list of phone numbers.

So this sales guy calls me and wants me to come in to pitch me on the membership.

I let him know I’m coming by to listen to what they have to offer but ask him to let me go over my offer to send their coupon offers on my mobile list.

I get there, listen to the pitch, and join the club as I was intending to do.

They sit me down in front of the sales manager, owner, and marketing manager. I go over how I can send out their coupon offers to my mobile list.

I only send out 4 coupons a month and only offer high value coupons to keep the goodwill up on my list.

They immediately agree that I have something here. My local mobile list is only 1 month old and has about 100 people on it. It is adding about 5 – 10 people a day.

In a year it will top 1,000 people in a town of 100,000.

Now as I send out their offer to my list they are going to help me build my list by having each new member sign up to receive 4 mobile coupons to their mobile phone each month.

The fitness club promotes the list as a value offer with their membership instead of selling it to them. Instead of pitching they are giving.

Now my list will grow from my website and on the back-end from their members. They also have access through strategic partnerships with about 30,000 email addresses in my city. They are going to share my mobile coupon opt-in with that list as well.

Internet marketing campaignWeight loss is one of those mass appeal revenue streams that has one of the highest profit margins of any industry.

People make very irrational decisions in the process of losing weight.

If there is any one local business you want to create a partnership with it is with a fitness club.

Their offers can go to your mobile list once a month and it will hit home with almost everyone on your list as weight is something almost everyone thinks about.

In the beginning you can offer your service of sending out coupons to your list for free as the fitness club is helping you grow your list by leaps and bounds.

Once things get going and the fitness club starts seeing customer conversions you can work out a compensation plan such as $20 per converted sale.

Now beyond the mobile coupon service they have hired me on to take care of all of their online marketing be it social, SEO, PPC, etc.

A simple mobile list pitch has turned into me being the marketing manager for a multi-million dollar fitness complex.

If you know how to write good sales copy and pitch their services right you will make way more money in commissions than you can with standard compensation.

If you don’t know how to do good sales copy the busines likely has a marketing guy or you can refer them to someone who is good.







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Ado April 10, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Would you mind disclosing what platform you are using for the SMS sign ups?



Donny April 10, 2012 at 7:41 pm

I mainly use IZigg because they allow me to use the exclusive 90210 number which is easy to remember and has an exclusive feel about it. Here is my affiliate link if you would like to sign up under my account…


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