Product plus local sellers equals winning formula

by Donny on March 14, 2011

When just starting with making a website and selling affiliate products one thing that has always worked for me from the time I started back in 2007 was picking a product to sell and writing about that product to a local market.

For instance maybe my goal is to sell some high end sports car and I found some for extremely good deals that once I had a proven buyer I could buy the car up from my source and turn around and sell it for a few thousand dollar profit.

Now cars are not transported on the cheap so people prefer to buy them local for the better price and convenience of not having to drive somewhere to go get it.

So you could create a blog called or something like that and put up some known inventory you could turn around and sell.

You could market this car and others by creating a business Facebook page about sports cars. We covered this topic in another post which you can check out by clicking the link.

Now you would want to take a lot of pictures of the car and even a video. The iphones these days have built in 8 megapixel cameras and quality video recording.

You could quickly snap up 200 pictures and a 10 minute video in a couple hours.


Next step would be to upload the pictures to a account and upload your video to a account.

Now place a link back to your website article post with your car for sale from and so visitors their will funnel back to your sales page.

You could even have your article on the car for sale send people over to an ebay auction where the car is for sale online.

If you do not know how to setup your website for ecommerce why not just let Ebay do all the work for you and it works perfectly for cars.

Ebay will allow you to put your phone number on the auction listing and even end the auction early. The car for sale on ebay is more to get traffic and eyeballs to see your car rather then enter into an auction.

Now I used this example of selling a car but you can do the same thing with other local services such as cell phone service, high speed internet, elder care, assisted living, and many other examples.

You can go out to places like to begin joining affiliate programs and pick a program that is right for you to sell on your new website.

The affiliate programs that pay the most are usually those that involve issues where people make very irrational decisions and justifications before purchasing.

Examples of these would be luxury cars, diet programs, substance abuse treatment programs, fixing relationships, dating advice, how to make money schemes, etc.








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