How to use Google webmaster tools to increase traffic

by Luke Johnson on May 17, 2011

Using Google webmaster tools for things like search queries, sitemaps, keywords, links to your site, and crawl errors can increase your site’s traffic. When you start a site, one of the first things you should have done was sign up for Google Analytics. Your Analytics account helps you keep track of your stats but what it does not do is help you get more traffic. This is where Google webmaster tools come in.

When you log in to your webmaster account the first thing you will see is the dashboard. On the dashboard there are several different things that can help you with building a great site.

Search Queries

“Search Queries” is one of the most important things in getting you traffic. It shows you how many impressions and clicks your site is getting for your current ranking of keywords. If you click on the “more” button, it will take you to a page with even more important details like CTR and Avg. Position in Google.

How can this increase your traffic?

If you see you’re ranking on the first page of Google for a keyword which is getting 2500 impressions but you’re only getting 70 clicks you should try to rank higher to get more clicks. Sometimes ranking in the top spot is not good enough to increase your clicks. Competitors could be using words like “Scam” or “Don’t” to get searchers to click their sites.  This seems to be common sense but not everyone understands it. If you’re not on the first page of Google for a keyword and your getting 2500 impressions just think about how many impressions you would have if you got on the first page.

What is an impression?

An impression is when your page comes up in a search. Remember there are many things that determine if your site gets an impression or not. There is personal web search and location which are the biggest reasons why you may not be getting the impressions you think you should. This is why you should look at the “Avg. Position” for the keyword.


Sitemap is an easy way to start off your website. It also will tell you how many pages you have indexed in Google. There are many easy ways to create a sitemap for a WordPress site. Jeff Johnson (no relation to me) has an SEO plug-in he offers to his subscribers that has a plug-in for this along with many others that are auto tweaked for most favorable ranking ability. There are also several free WordPress plugins by the name of Google Sitemap that you can install for free.


This is a tool to help with your keyword selections. It shows you which keyword is being used the most on your site. It can be helpful to change keywords, or in some cases eliminate them all together. If your site is about cats and one of your top keywords is mustard you should look into getting rid of this keyword.

Links to your site

This tool can helps you find sites linking to you and helps with getting the right link to your site while showing your  site’s most popular page. This helps you see what people like on your site and helps you with quality control over links.

Crawl Errors

Crawl Errors are important to fix immediately. If Google says there are crawl errors on your site it means you could not be getting all the traffic you want. If you have a redirect issue with a page it will let you know.

When you use Google webmaster tools use all of them. Take full advantage over every tool offered. You may like the “Search Queries” better than the “Crawl Errors” but they are both important in improving your traffic.

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