The way to increase unique visitors and outsmart Google is to circumvent your desire to beat the search algorithms in favor of basic marketing 101 tactics. Spread your visibility out over common industry accepted places your blog and your writing can be seen. What I am recommending is nothing unheard of that you wouldn’t pick […]


The Latest in SEO Strategy

by Donny on October 24, 2013

Here is the real deal…SEO strategists for the most part pretend to know exactly what you need to do and places like SEOMOZ that are large well respected brands pretend to offer you some new spectacular strategy but over and over they have to reformulate their advice because Google frowns upon it. What you will […]


“Your Page wasn’t promoted because your profile picture, which is used as the image in your ad, violates our guidelines. Learn more about our ad image guidelines and then promote your Page when you’ve updated your profile picture.” I recently received this message from Facebook even though my profile picture meets the 180 x 180 […]


Buying Links To Rank Better

by Donny on April 2, 2013

As most of us know, at least those who received Google penalties on well trafficked sites, Google does not like paid links. I have had all of my websites dinged by Google for various reasons and not all because of paid links. Some dings were very bad on my website traffic and some dings were very minor […]


In our ever-evolving digital age, almost every entity has its own slice of cyberspace. As more businesses are taking root in the world-wide web, the demand for digital marketing shows no signs of slowing. Savvy business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the vast gulf that lies between establishing a website and bringing targeted traffic […]